In loving memory of Yolanda Loo

Yolanda Chui San Loo, beloved daughter of Ruben and Rebecca Loo, of Calgary, unexpectedly passed away on Sunday, February 28, 2021 at the tender age of 47 years.


With a passion to help people Yolanda had a successful career as a Physiotherapist.  She had a zest for life and was up for any adventure.  Her laughter and smile were infectious, her care for patients, friends and family was endless and she was always full of positive energy.  She had a very full circle of terrific friends and colleagues as she radiated positivity and people connected immediately to her.  She was a friend to all and had an incredible ability to include and connect people. She had a wonderful sense of humor and a vibrant personality.  There wasn’t anything Yolanda wouldn’t do to help those that she loved.


Yolanda was loved and cherished by her loving parents, brothers, many aunts, uncles and cousins across Canada, the US, China, and Hong Kong. Yolanda will be dearly missed by all those who knew and loved her. Her missing presence will be felt by all her family, friends & colleagues near and far.  Yolanda will be in all our hearts forever…we Love you Yo!

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